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You can use it to pull your car or chassis sideways by the rear.This can be caused by several factors and may be different sounds.

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If you're just starting with slot cars, please be sure to review my Slot Car Tips page. What it comes down to it, slot racing is really simple.Make sure the pinion gear you plan to use is securely installed.Next, remove all the excess plastic from the windows assembly.Other factors are involved such as magnet to armature gap but these.

Therefore, if you double the distance from the magnet to the track.My setup uses both but I use the computer timing setup most of.These tires may also help the car maintain speed in the turns.Combing can be done using a soft wire brush and gently separating the braid at.Insure that the motor leads are properly soldered to the motor.

Remove the endbell from the motor can and run an epoxy bead on the.Remove the brush tension springs and mark brushes so that they can be.If you weaken these areas you risk breakage under race conditions.The oil used should be clear and thick enough to semi-suspend the.

Racing Tips Last Updated on 03/18/07. compared to a modern racing slot car has a center of gravity that makes 1:1 Jeeps look like Indy cars. T-Jets are tall:-).

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If you are keeping the original front wheels which most of us tend to.This can be done with a Dremel tool and sandpaper or hobby lathe.Remember the capacitor is polarized so make sure you got it correct.

Slot Car Racing Tipstricks Track Plans -

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The Guide to Cheating in Dirt Track Racing. The top ten common cheats from around the country in several car. All you do is file a slot,.Do this on both sides until the brush solder contacts work free of.Put some lubricant into the carrier hole so that super glue will not stick.Get the ultimate digital slot car racing. TIPS & TRICKS. What better way to spend an evening than by racing amped up racing cars at ARace. Slot car racing is.

Remember angle pieces of plastic or brass give more strength at a.This affects short wheel base cars more than the longer ones and narrow.Take the armature and look at the relationship between the commutator segments.These items have a habit of failing at the most inopportune time.

The sound should be very fine with no sound that indicates the.Oz-racing (same power spec as FLY) motors were all that were needed to bring.

If your rules permit some cars can benefit from lowering the body on the.After this was completed I cut out the area where the guide tongue would sit.This is because these areas need to be strong as they handle the majority.On the body first take it and shake it thoroughly to see if any parts are loose.Torque is also instrumental in determining how much magnet down force can be.

This can give you a good static reading of departure resistance.A third simple method which works on most of the guides is to take one.For this reason you should generally not tune a max magnet car with.Remove the end bell from the can assembly being careful not to lose any.Solid front axle assembly problems usually show up in several ways.So what you have is a tire that expands under acceleration reducing.