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I might have suggested picking up a piece of steel plate, selected for being as flat as possible, then some cold rolled bar, two widths, and shcs to assemble with.

Which Benchtop Drill Press Does the Most for a Workshop, Chris Marshall Reviews the Top Eight.A PRECISION DRILL PRESS FOR SMALL HOLES Our highly-reliable Precision-Sensitive Drill Presses meet the needs of single hole. T-Slot Base 7080 / 7180 7090 / 7190.Follow the step-by-step drill press table plans. of the drill press table. The base and fence are made from. with the slots in the drill press.So I bought a piece of ground plate and some cold rolled rectangular bar and was gonna drill, tap, counter bore some holes and make one.

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Paul Alciatore 05-23-2009, 01:54 PM gnm just gave me an idea.

It will go down about half way and with some creative thinking I can use the base if I want to.I cant imagine mounting work on the base because the head oin a drill press doesnt move vertically, only the spindle moves down but only a few inches.I got tired of chips falling down through them and filling up under the base.

The boring bar is at the upper left and I am checking the hole for fit on the steel column (Unimat vertical column) in it.My base is way too deep to be set up for an operation without lots of different sized cribbing (those are blocks of different sizes to lift an object closer to the drill bit for all the non thinkers), and nothing is ever just the right height to just set on the base and drill.You could buy a good quality X-Y table to install on the drill press for a lot less.

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In fact what JMS6449 posted on the second page was his feeling that they were sarcastic when in fact nothing sarcastic was said by anyone and he may have said it as a joke.Lathe Milling Attachment. In fact, only two tools, a drill press. the attachment features a swivel base and tilting slide which has T-slots for clamping.Instead of welding the work to the bottom you could chain it or bolt it if need be.I may indeed grind bolt holes in the base someday, but I still want a fixture to easily allow some travel up and and down.Clamp materials while you work with this Wilton drill press vise, 69997. Four slots on its base allow this device to work with most drill presses.

Clausing Industrial | Drills | Clausing Drill Presses. Base, Drill Press A. Working surface, ground: 15.5" x 13" (394 x 330mm) Base T-slots: two, 13" (330mm).LMI developed the Headstock Slotting & Drilling Jig to easily rout consistent slots in the heads of classical guitars or. Drill Press Rosette. • the base.I just figured the bottom slots on the stand were to help you incase you ever needed to swing the table for a larger piece.JCHannum 05-22-2009, 08:28 AM The reason some of you cannot understand the use of the slots is because you have never needed to use them.I figured out twenty years ago that I might swing the table away to mount a fixture.What are the t-shaped slots in the base of my drill press used for? I can't see how they can be used for holding material for drilling since they are way to far below.

SVS 11-18-2009, 12:01 AM A homeless lathe faceplate looks astoundingly like a round DP table.Paul Alciatore 05-20-2009, 01:03 AM Give me a few minutes, I am going to take some pictures.In those instances, swing the regular table clear out of the way, clamp the work piece to the base slots and drill away.Also, some tables can rotate 90 degrees, allowing a vise to be clamped on the table and another on the base for holding and centerdrilling long shafts.

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In fact I gave my son a Craftsman drill press I bought in 1968 that has slots in the base and the head goes ALL THE WAY to the base as does the table.

T-Slots (Table/Base) Number. Securing the Base The base of the drill press has four mounting slots; two slots on both sides of the base. The drill press.

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Then to reposition I flip the switch, move the vise then flip the switch to lock the vise.This drill press is designed and intended for use by properly trained and experienced personnel only. Table T-Slots,. Base Slots, Size.But the same principle would work for any size, just scale it up.