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Montreal, QC (PRWEB) September 12, 2008 -- Poker Heaven will soon be moving their affiliate program from its current platform to Income Access' affiliate.Everything else on the main show is just pretty darned bad, or a squash.Pros: This show is actually a lot like GBH III which we will get to next.

Four of these guys ended up being pretty damned important to ROH, and this is a fun little match.Supposedly this was really, REALLY bad and the live crowd absolutely hated it.Joe and Lethal face Walters and McGuinness (interesting note: Walters was the current champ, Lethal the next champ, Joe won it off Lethal and then McGuinness won it off Joe) Joe had bad mouthed the belt for the entire year, and he loses a really good tag match against the Pure champion.It is kind of a toss up as to which is better, but I slightly prefer the GN match.

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This pisses off the crowd and causes them to shit on him, and is the main reason people started booing Sinclair in every city.

The ending is at least well done as Punk hits the Plunge on Joe only to have the pin stolen by Homicide.And this is on top of another really long match, so it feels like a chore after awhile.

This is the night Generation Next formed and turned ROH on its head.AJ retains said Pure title in a rematch against CM Punk that is a significant improvement over their first Pure title match at Second Anniversary, and features a controversial finish involving Ricky Steamboat that sets up their feud.But this show features one of the best pieces of sports entertainment ROH has done, and one of the best matches it has put on.

To enter this website, you must be legally old enough to access gambling products in your region.What makes the match is the Aries vs Danielson battle in the finals of this finals.They interrupt the opener, beat the shit out of people, and lay claim to ROH.

It was originally scheduled to be Corino challenging Joe for the ROH title, but he had a scheduling conflict and cancelled a week in advance.The Joe vs Punk series is a testament to simplicity, which is sort of weird for ROH which can be so full of moves and complexity.Jimmy Rave vs Angel Dust is actually a surprisingly average match, but nothing more.Why would you set up a Pure title match with two multi man matches.

The only other match is BJ Whitmer vs Colt Cabana, and it is another below average, but not bad match.

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This show could honestly be higher on the list, so if the card looks better to you than Reborn, go for it.There is a very long feeling out process that for me is wonderful to watch.It may be the opener, but it is just strange that two guys who wrestle this style would be given so little time.The match is barely a match, it is just a bunch of stuff that happens.People bitch about AJ Styles not selling in the tournament mostly.Originally the main draw of this show was ULTIMATE ENDURANCE. traffic statistics, rank, page speed

Pros: SPOILER: AUSTIN ARIES BEATS SAMOA JOE TO WIN THE ROH WORLD TITLE.Aries and CM Punk have a good match as well, a notch above their GBH bout.